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How long does it take to make and send my TeamSlidez?
For custom team orders production generally, takes 7-10 business days. Shipping after that depends on where it is going.

For team orders, productions days depends on the number of pairs:

1-50 pairs: 7-10 business days for processing the order, then shipping after that.

50+ pairs: 8-14 business days for processing the order, then shipping after that.

(Contact your TeamSlidez Rep to talk about faster shipping)

Has my order shipped?
For team orders placed thru the website, tracking numbers are sent in a follow-up email once the TeamSlidez are shipped. You will receive this email generally within one day of the order being shipped.
Will my slides be printed exactly how I designed them?
Yes. Wherever and however you approved your logos/images/words/etc. is where they will be printed. If you have any special requests after designing and approval, please send them to [email protected] or call your TeamSlidez Rep and reference the invoice number on your order.

However, there is a human element in creating TeamSlidez – each pair is hand printed one at a time. Any difference, if it occurs, will be a subtle one. We appreciate your understanding.

My logo is low resolution or poor quality, what can I do?
We can help you! Our in-house design team can help tweak your logo or recreate it for you. Art fees are $100/hour, with the average logo about 30 minutes to make. Art turnaround time is 1-3 business days.
How can I get help with my order?
Customer support is available seven days a week at 407-947-4021, 9:00 am-7:00 pm est.
I don't know what logo I want; can you help me design my slides?
Yes, please call 407-947-4021 to discuss what logo may fit best to create the look you want for the team.
Can I return my TeamSlidez?
TeamSlidez are a custom product, and there for non-returnable.

Once printed, they are yours forever.

That means:

  1. Make sure the size is correct.
  2. Make sure the shipping address is correct.
  3. Verify that the design is EXACTLY how you’d like it. We will also provide you with a mock-up design for confirmation.

If you do have an issue for some reason, please contact [email protected]

Upload logo on my iPhone and iPad?
You can! You can use a photo that’s already in your photo album OR you can take a photo on the spot! This functionality is an unbelievable feature that we encourage you to use!
Can I get whatever I want printed on my slides?
TeamSlidez reserves the right to refuse orders based on use of inappropriate language or trademark infringements. Pretty much anything else should be fine.
Can I place a team order?
Yes. More information can be found on our Team ordering page.
Can I place a bulk or wholesale order?
Yes. Contact a sales rep at [email protected].
Can I cancel my order after I have completed check out?

The only way you can make changes to your order after checkout is to contact Team Slidez at 407-947-4021 or if customer service reaches out to you regarding an issue with your design. This can include but is not limited to, copyright images, inappropriate images, etc.

Can orders be shipped outside of the US?
Yes, we offer international shipping as an option. Contact us directly if you need this option.
Do you offer overnight or expedited delivery of TeamSlidez products?
Yes – Please contact us at [email protected] if faster delivery is necessary.
Will TeamSlidez share my personal information with anyone?
No. TeamSlidez will not share your personal data with anyone.
What payment options does TeamSlidez accept?

Orders can be paid by check or Venmo and must be paid before orders are shipped. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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