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Everybody knows flip flops and sandals. They are loved by millions worldwide. They come in hundreds of styles and colors, but almost all of them are not customizable. Why not show off your spirit, team logo, and true colors? We’ve changed that. Welcome to TeamSlidez.

TeamSlidez are affordable, customizable and comfortable Team Athletic Footwear.

Similar to Sandals or Flip Flops, TeamSlidez are adjustable and often worn with socks. Remove your expensive sneakers/spikes and slip into the comfort of TeamSlidez after practices or games.

TeamSlidez can be customized in 3 locations – (on the top and outsides of each slide) Add your Team logo, player’s name and team nickname to create team unity and spirit.

At TeamSlidez we take great pride in our Slidezs, affordable prices, fast turnaround time, and high customer satisfaction.

It All Began With Rain, a Mom and a Pair of Expensive Basketball Sneakers

When a pair of expensive basketball sneakers worn outside in the rain by a 13-year-old after a long 3-day tournament and then left outside to air out, Grace, founder of TeamSlidez wondered; Why not have an affordable, easy solution to keep these expensive sneakers safe after games or practice?  This bit of inspiration led her to investigate many sandals and flip flop options with one that left a custom impression.

Grace envisioned affordable footwear with comfortable memory foam soles that could be imprinted with fun designs, logos, and text. Anyone wearing a pair would show their customized message with every step. Not everyone likes getting their expensive sneakers/spikes wet. After a bit of research, Grace found that there were nearly no sandal or flip flop manufacturers left in the USA, let alone one that could produce her customized Slidez. Grace developed TeamSlidez from there. Customers have been unable get enough! Why weren’t these already available?

As it happens, the idea already existed. TeamSlidez is not the world’s first company to customize sandals. A handful of promotional product companies had been importing custom sandals, from Asia, as promotional novelties. They would sell them to other businesses that were looking for a unique way to promote themselves at trade shows and events. However, the existing process used to manufacture these sandals required the customers to purchase hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of pairs with the same design, size, color. Grace found that the quality was also lacking in these cheap give away sandals. This industry only served companies with large marketing budgets, but not individuals or teams and smaller groups.

That has all changed. TeamSlidez’s process allows us to print and sell customized Slidez with no minimum order quantity. Need a dozen pairs for your team? TeamSlidez has you covered. Several hundred pairs for your entire soccer league? We’re the company for you! A single pair as unique as you are? Contact us to create your dream pair, and we’ll have it quickly made and delivered to your door.

The only question left to ask is: What’s on your TeamSlidez??

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